Ashamed of Big Bootie

In a slang language, the term bootie means attractive or sexy buttocks. People who have big bootie are either blessed naturally or blessed by science.


People who are blessed with a big bootie naturally are fortunate because they can wear carry any type of bottoms in the most sexy way. One survey said that the most checked out part by Men towards a woman’s body is the buttocks. The breasts and legs will come next. Of course having a big bootie should be compensated by a small waist to fully show of your curvaceous body.

To get a big booties, there are several ways to achieve it. If you are not naturally blessed with it, you can hit the gym; get an instructor that you will go well with. Maintaining physical exercise will help tone your butt muscles and eventually create a nice form that will surely catch the attention of all.

What you have to do is undergo a weight loss. Do not do this alone – you need a professional instructor to help you. Protein intake is also a must when undergoing weight loss program in order for you to keep on going. Maintain your routine three to six times weekly and results will surely show. Some men say that they are thorn between women who have big breasts but smaller behind and women who have smaller breasts but perfectly big booty. But honestly, in my opinion, men would prefer both. So if you have both of these assets, you are a one lucky chick! If not, do not fret! Like what I said – there are so many ways to achieve that perfect body.

Big bootie full of fat is not attractive at all. But a bootie that is toned and all muscle is something every woman wants to have.